Newsletter Summer 2014

16th June 2014

New school building begins to take shape

After much anticipation the construction of our new school building is well underway at our new site in Woodchurch. The building, which is due for completion in spring 2015 can be clearly seen from the M53 motorway and reports from the builders are that the project is going well and is on schedule. Over the coming months pupils will be visiting the site to see the construction of the building and learn about its design. The visits will also give us a chance to familiarise ourselves with the local community in preparation for the big move.









Classes 13 & 14 Canoeing Experience

Classes 13 & 14 have taken part in Paddle Sports taster sessions at New Brighton Marine Lake. We have been practising our team building skills on land and water and some of the pupils even conquered their fears by standing up in the canoe. They learned valuable skills in the four sessions they attended whilst having fun and playing games.



Class 5 Kingswood Residential 2014

At the beginning of April Class 5 went all adventurous. We had an amazing week at Kingswood camp in Wales. We stayed for 4 nights and took part in a huge range of activities. The pupils climbed and abseiled on Kingswood’s purpose built tower, showing amazing determination and dexterity.

We had popcorn and sang songs around the campfire, played laser tag in the woods, had a go at fencing, built a shelter, explored the caves, had a go at being robin hood (archery), did a nature hunt in the woods, and practiced our circus skills and more besides. All the pupils were fantastic and gave their absolute all to every activity, it was a real pleasure to see them all do so well. A great, if slightly tiring week.


Class 4 Easter Craft Activity Afternoon

Class 4 arranged for all their friends from Key Stage 3 to join them in the hall for an afternoon of Easter craft activities. The pupils enjoyed mixing with the other classes to make Easter bunny masks and cards, paper chains and Easter themed crafts and colouring pages. We would like to thank Class 1, who helped by welcoming small groups into their class to make Easter nest cakes and into the sensory room to use UV paints. But the most popular activity by far was decorating biscuits, which the pupils came back to several times to have another go at showing their creativity with buttercream icing and sprinkles.




Class 9: Working with clay

This term Class 9 have been working with clay. What a mess! But lots of fun! We have made a number of different things from Easter egg baskets to Chinese oil lamps. We all had to work on our clay carving skills, shaping and cutting the clay. We then had to place all our dried clay in the ‘big hot bin’ (the Kiln) then let our work cool before painting it with special paint and putting back in the Kiln again. Then our finished work looked fantastic!



Class 7 ASDAN: Learning different ways to relax

As part of our ASDAN lessons to look at different ways of feeling peaceful, Class 7 visited the Kailash Buddhist centre in Oxton. They made mandala and water offerings to the statues of Buddha and then practiced simple breathing meditation.

We felt very relaxed and focused after our visit, so we will be using the relaxation techniques in class more often!



Class 10 walk the Wirral way!

As part of their class sponsored fundraising event, the pupils in class 10 have been walking sections of the Wirral way with the aim to complete the whole track by the end of term. They are currently over halfway to achieving their goal, and will have walked the 12 ½ miles twice by the end of the trip, as the class walk each section then return to their starting point! Great effort class 10!



Foxfield School Supporting Hedgehog Rescue

Wirral Hedgehog Rescue in Neston have had over 92 hedgehogs taken in over the winter. Some are injured or sick, but most have not hibernated as they should due to the mild weather. The rescue keeps the hogs until they are well and at a certain weight and then allows them to hibernate at the centre.

Now the weather is getting better the hogs are waking up and they are being released into the wild again as near to where they were found as possible. This all takes a lot of money and goods. Class 12 have taken on the role of coordinating a collection in school. The staff have been bringing in newspapers, kitchen rolls, wet wipes and tins of dog and cat food. These have then been stored and packed by Class 12 and then delivered to the centre in Neston.

This is Chloe the hog saying “Thank you Foxfield”


 Class 14 and The Grub Tub Cafe

As part of our enterprise work this year our class has opened a class cafe. We decided on the name as a group and then discussed what we were going to sell and how the cafe would be organised. We sell a selection of cakes, jellies, hot and cold drinks, soup, toast and fruit. We received in-house training for all the vital roles involved in running a cafe. These included the role of cook, waitress, cashier and kitchen staff.

We learned about the importance of hygiene when handling food and how to offer good customer service. We decided what we wanted to sell in our cafe and then shopped for the ingredients. We learned how to prepare simple cakes and fruit jellies. Using our laptops we produced menus, price lists, advertising posters, name badges and invitations.

Classes from around the school were then invited to come and visit the Grub Tub on Tuesday mornings. 

We are doing really well in our   enterprise and plan to use our   profits for a special day out at the end of the term!


Class 3: African Adventures

In class 3 this term we are studying Africa. We have been very busy making lots of African artefacts and finding out about the weather, food, clothing, animals and music.

We have loved playing on the drums and   dancing. We are looking forward to showing our work off at a fashion show party for the whole of Key stage 3 after the holidays.





Class 2 Sponsored Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter ninja bunny had all of his Easter eggs stolen by Dino Rex. Rex left clues to show us where he had hidden the eggs and we had to walk all around Moreton and find the eggs to give back to the Easter bunny! It took us all morning and we found eggs in gardens, shops and just lying around the streets! All together we found 35 eggs, we had great fun collecting them and raised £30 towards the school fund!




Class 1: Australian Afternoon

Last week Class1 staff and pupils organised an Australian themed afternoon for all Key Stage 3 pupils. We enjoyed a barbeque in the sunshine, art and craft activities to make creepy crawlies, painting sea turtles and didgeridoos in aboriginal designs using UV paint in the sensory room, sensory massages in the swing and making rainforest collages! Some of our pupils even took part in our ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’ obstacle course challenge! The afternoon was enjoyed by all!



Class 6: Merseyside Police Visit Foxfield.                                          

On Wednesday 21st May Merseyside Police came to Foxfield School as part of class 6 P.S.H.E. lesson. This term we are looking at people in the community that help us. They brought along their travelling cell unit. Everyone in class enjoyed trying on the police uniforms.

Connor tried on the riot uniform, Peter and Sophie had fun wearing the Police hats.



Class 8 Dressing Independently

In our Independent Living Skills lessons our class has been identifying a range of different clothes   fastenings. These have included:

  • Zips
  • Poppers
  • Velcro
  • Laces
  • Buttons

Skills have included zipping and unzipping, buttoning and unbuttoning.

Most of the class are now able to dress and undress independently including three pupils who are also able to tie their own shoe laces.


Classes 11 & 12: School Garden Project

Classes 11 & 12 have taken over looking after the school garden and are working towards making it brighter and more accessible. In conjunction with our friends from Royden Park and our contract gardeners we have chopped the trees down at the rear of the Portacabins. That area is now gravelled over and is clean and clear. Class 11 have planted runner beans, which seem to have taken over the Poly Tunnel, and cleared the herb garden ready to build it up again with new bricks. The poly tunnel is also now home to a wealth of vegetables that we are growing there. The sensory arch is to be re-bricked in the next few weeks and new herbs to be planted. This is an ongoing project and one that we are all very proud of!



Thank you everyone!

Together we raised....


For Sports Relief 2014