Newsletter Summer 2015

22nd May 2015

Foxfield School Sporting Challenge

We have had a great half term, on the 30th of April we took part in The Panathlon Challenge at Woodchurch High School. A multi-sport team event, where pupils compete against other teams playing cricket, Kurling, Polybat, Football and a range of target games. Some pupils from class 5 and their friends from across the key stages took part, playing against teams from across Wirral. They had a fantastic time and I’m proud to say they came 2nd.

Also this term we had a visit from Jenna Downing, world champion inline skater, a group of pupils are taking part in the sky sports “living for sport” programme. Pupils taking part in the Sky Sports Living for Sport are starting a new morning   fitness project in school and Jenna came in to give them some advice. She will return on the 2nd of July for a full day to work with our pupils teaching about the 5 keys to success.


Class 7 at the Aquarium

In April Class 7 went on a trip to the Blue Planet Aquarium. We were studying a famous painting called The Goldfish by Paul Klee for the school show, A Night at the Art Gallery ,and decided we wanted to visit a real aquarium.

We watched divers feed the sharks and saw lots of different types of fish.

Class 7 had a great day at the Blue Planet and we would love to go back and visit again soon!


Class 10 visit Woodchurch High School Farm

We went to visit the farm at Woodchurch High School as part of our Science topic on Environments. The farm is right next to our new school and the pupils can often see and hear the animals from our playground. The pupils loved looking after the animals and seeing their habitats. Class 10 pupils fed the animals and loved holding the rabbits.


New Brighton Art Work Exhibition by Class 14

As an extension to P.S.D. work on Environmental Awareness, students from Class 14 created pieces of art work. These included Bottle Top Art and Flotsam Weaving which they learned how to do at Shore Cottage, Thurstaston.

The bottle tops were collected over a period of time and students designed their own marine related theme. These were then set in plaster of Paris, polyfiller or resin and then painted.

The finished flotsam weaves were displayed in sets of three to give a real sense of aesthetic beauty.

In June this year all this work will go on public display in the small unit next to Subway cafe in New Brighton. This is part of the Momentary Art Project (MAP) and will be part of a larger display by the New Brighteners entitled ‘Art from recycled litter’ which aims to raise awareness of the damage litter causes to marine life.

Photographic displays of the work will also be on show in the foyer/cafe area of the Light Cinema, New Brighton and the Visitors Centre at Thurstaton.

It is a terrific privilege for students from Foxfield to be invited to contribute to these displays and hopefully friends and families will take the time to view them.




Class 12 visit the Wirral Food Bank

Class 12 have been learning all about different charities and about the work of The Wirral Food Bank in Birkenhead. In school we collected donations of food from parents and then took them to The Food Bank. Here we are with the staff there, having our donations weighed and looking round their warehouse.






Class 2 get out and about in the community

Class 2 are learning about community access this term in ILS. We have been learning how to travel in our local area. We have walked to ASDA to collect our class shopping and have been on the bus to Prenton, where we visited the cafe and Aldi supermarket. We hope to visit Birkenhead park and shops and later in the term we will plan our own days out!


Class 4’s Medieval Mission

In our cross-curricular lessons this term, Class 4 have been enjoying learning about life in Medieval Britain. So far we have looked at the clothes the rich and poor people wore – comparing the fine fur trimmed gown of a king to dressing up in the rough clothes of a peasant. We have also been finding out about knights, trying out swords and shields and   firing arrows and visiting the ruins of Flint Castle. We have learned about the Black Death and some of the strange medicines used to ‘cure’ it. After all our hard work class 4 are really looking forward to our celebration at the end of our topic – a medieval banquet!


A word from Foxfield Student Council Team.....

A huge THANKYOU to all our parents, students and staff who kindly supported the Dance-A-Thon to raise money for our chosen charity ‘Make A Wish’. We are so pleased to announce that all together we raised £600. This money was added to the amounts raised by other special schools like ours across Merseyside. On Tuesday 12th May, members of the student council took our money along to a special event at Liverpool Town Hall to present the money raised to representatives from ‘Make A Wish’. We invited the Mayor of Wirral who came along to speak to us about how we raised the money. The schools across Merseyside collectively raised £6200. Well done to everyone involved and especially to our Student Council Team for making everything happen. What a difference we made!!






Class 1 Narrow Boat Trip

Class 1 enjoyed a fantastic day out on the Rainbow Boat. We travelled for several hours along the canal from Ellesmere Port. We spotted plenty of people out fishing and walking along the canal. The skippers were very friendly and helpful and we enjoyed chatting to them. By the end of our journey we were all very relaxed and enjoyed the tranquil surroundings. We hope to return again next year!




Class 3 at the Gallery

Class 3 planned a trip to the Lady Lever art gallery in Port Sunlight. They wrote a letter asking to visit, completed a going out form for school and sent a thank you letter in the post. Everybody had a really great day and enjoyed drawing and exploring the different things in the museum.



Class 11: ASDAN in the Community

As part of our community ASDAN topic, the class voted which community facility we wanted to make use of. The majority of the class chose parks. From this, the class have visited a variety of parks around the Wirral. Here we are using the park facilities at Arrowe Park. We all enjoyed ourselves, either climbing up on to the bridge, using the swings or sitting and relaxing in the sun.




Class 9 get settled into their new classroom

Class 9 have been settling into our new environment at our new school building. Our class room now has a massage room, here is Lewis enjoying the vibro-acoustic ball pool and chair. Vibro-acoustic means that the balls vibrate to the music and the pupils love to spend time in here. We also have a nice raised padded area for us all to relax on.

In our classroom we now have ceiling hoists so we can access all areas of the classroom. We are very lucky too, as our classroom wall folds away so we can now share some of our lessons with our friends in class 1. We are all very happy with our new classroom and our new school building.


Class 13: Keep fit fanatics

Class 13 have been busy keeping fit during their weekly visits to Woodchurch High Sports Complex for their PE lessons. Sessions have also helped us to achieve our targets for our ASDAN unit called ‘Using a Community   Facility’ where we have shown that we can access facilities within our local community and have awareness of what kind of things are happening around us that we can get involved in. During our visits we have become more confident at using equipment such as a treadmill, cross trainer, bike and rower. Over the weeks we have been developing our understanding of how to use this equipment safely.


Class 6: A night at the Art Gallery

Class 6 really enjoyed studying the graffiti artist, Banksy, for their chosen artist for the school show. They loved choosing different pieces of Banksy’ street art to recreate and had lots of fun painting and getting dressed up as their character. Their favourite part of their sketch of course, was spraying the audience at the end of their act!





Class 8: School Show Superheroes

Last term class 8 were the final act of the school show and came up with a fantastic routine to act as the finale to our Foxfield’s Night at the Gallery. The class looked at Andy Warhol’s Pop-art poster of Superman and decided he needed to be joined by some more of their favourite superheroes. So Batman, Tarzan, James Bond and the Teenage Mutant ninja turtles joined Superman on stage for a memorable song and dance!