Newsletter November 2015

24th November 2015

Foxfield School :   Mainstream Inclusion Links

Here are just some of the examples of the fantastic work being undertaken by our students during their inclusion visits to Woodchurch High School and South Wirral this term. We are proud to say that our programme this year is running more successfully than ever. Currently twenty of our students are now integrating into our partner schools and great work is being undertaken. Not to mention all the new friends we have made!

Class R2 Travel and Tourism

As part of their work on Travel and Tourism for their cross-curricular lessons, Class R2 have been out and about visiting the different tourist attractions of the Wirral. So far we have visited New Brighton Prom, The Black Pearl, Eastham Country Park, Thurstaston Country Park, Thornton Hough and Birkenhead Park and we will have made our own guide to the Wirral by the end of the topic. We have also been on virtual tours from our classroom, flying off to tourist destinations around the globe. We have enjoyed trips to the beaches of Spain, a Kenyan Safari and an open top bus tour of London. Next stop on our world tour is Australia!

Class R4: Cross-Curricular Work

This term class R4 have been looking at Travel and Tourism. We have looked at time lines, things on the beach, making a beach bag, countries on the big map, making a mood board and painting a beach scene. As part of our beach lesson we visited the beach, we found things that should be on the beach and things that shouldn’t. Also as part of our bag making lessons we sewed appliqué, sewing a decorative piece of fabric to another piece of fabric. 

Class R6 are in control in Computing lessons

In ICT in class R6, we have been looking at controlling devices. We have looked at a range of equipment that needs buttons, switches and knobs in order to switch on, light up or move. We have used toasters for our snack and a kettle to boil the water to make soup, tea or hot chocolate.

We have also explored programmable beebots to reach a destination. We decided to have a race; first with two beebots to see which beebot would come first, then with a remote controlled car and the winning beebot to see which device would win. Of course the remote controlled cars won and we had great fun using the control to move the car forwards, backwards, left and right.


Class G2: Qualified for “Going Places”

G2 have been learning how to cross roads with and without the use of pedestrian   crossings. We have identified the correct bus to catch and either paid or used a saveaway pass to communicate with the bus driver where we needed to go. We then had to stop the bus at the correct location and go to the cafe. After discussing the menu we had to place our order and make a payment at the till. Finally we caught the bus back to school to plan our next journey.


Class G4: RE Celebrations

Over the past half term class G4 have been learning about different religions and their celebrations. We have learnt about Christmas and Easter in Christianity, Diwali in Hinduism and Hanukkah in Judaism. Pupils especially enjoyed learning about Judaism, playing traditional Jewish games, lighting a menorah and trying on Jewish clothing.


Class B3: Shoe Box Appeal

Class B3 coordinated the “Shoe Box Appeal” again this year. With the help of parents who kindly donated goods we were able to pack 15 boxes. These are then collected by The Rotary Club for onward transportation to children who would   otherwise receive nothing.


Class O1/O2: Mad as Hatters!

This term the pupils in class O1/O2 have been following the story of Alice in Wonderland. We have combined our lessons and used the theme to help us learn and understand more about Alice’s adventures. We have created a rabbit hole in class as well as the Mad Hatter’s tea party table. We have been using twigs, leaves, soil, fur, ticking clocks, music and much more to make the story as sensory as possible so that the pupils can fully access and engage with the tale. During cookery we have been using the food technology room to make Cheshire Cat cheese quiche, caterpillar cakes and exploding clock face biscuits.

Foxfield School welcome Cosmo and Bramble

Since May 2015 we have been lucky enough to have Pets As Therapy working in Foxfield School to support the pupils in a range of areas. Eileen and Jan bring their fully qualified dogs, Cosmo and Bramble, into school for two hours every Monday afternoon. They help pupils confidence with ‘Read to a Dog’ in the library. Focusing on responsiveness in our PMLD classes, fears and phobias for specific individuals to help ease anxiety and developing affection for others. Feedback from pupils and staff has been fantastic. Having Bramble, Cosmo and their owners in school is very uplifting for all involved. Some parents have now purchased calm dogs to support their children at home.    



Class R1 Listening for the Sound of ‘Science’

R1 have been planning their own investigations in Science. We created our own ear defenders to test which material was best for sound proofing​. William and Georgie liked the sponge best, Jake used paper towel and Amy made hers using bubble wrap. Frankie decided that his personal ear defenders were much better than anything we could make however! Loud noises can sometimes upset us, so we use different strategies to help us create a quieter environment.



Class R3: Settling in and then getting out and about

R3 have had a great start to a new school year, all the pupils have settled into their new class really well. Here are few of things we have been up to...

For our Independent Living Skills, we have been working on our road safety.

We have been using public transport to access local supermarkets. Here the pupils must find and purchase items for us to cook the following week, and practice ordering a snack from the cafe. 


Class R5 meet Bramble the dog

Class R5 have had an extra special visitor in class - Bramble the dog. School now have weekly visits from Pets as Therapy. Class R5 really enjoyed Bramble’s company, we enjoyed stroking him and taking him for a walk.






Class G1 Art: Mackintosh Masterclass

G1 have produced some lovely work in art this half term. We have focussed on the artist Charles Rennie Mackintosh. We have made some collages in the artist’s style and transferred this to material to produce a lovely deck chair. We also did some research into which chairs are the comfiest!





Class G3 Out in the Community

Class G3 enjoyed our ‘Community’ topic in ILS. We have walked to ASDA to get shopping, visited Sayers’ and the Co-op and got the local bus to a Cafe for tea and toast. We learnt what a bus stop looked like and how to cross roads safely. We also practised using the self-serve check-outs in ASDA.


Class B1: Working hard for Work Experience

During work experience class B1 have been working hard in the school garden area. We have been weeding the flower beds ready for planting our winter flowers. We planted some dwarf conifers and some lovely pansies, so we will have some colourful flowers now and daffodil bulbs so we have something to look forward to in the spring.


B4 Work Experience: Autumn Term 2015

This year Class B4 are going out on work experience every Tuesday.

Work placements this year include Best Bites, Asda and Ganney’s Meadow Nursery. Some students will work at Woodchurch High school’s farm in the spring term.

Students are expected to dress appropriately for their work experience. They work hard and must carry out a variety of tasks that the regular staff would do.


Class O3: Snowflake Sensory Story

This term the pupils in class O3 have produced their own Christmas sensory story about a snowflake. Each pupil has contributed to the story by product testing a variety of supporting props, including flashing Christmas trees, glittery baubles, bells and a light up snowflake. We have now selected the props based on the pupil’s preferences to support the telling of the story. Class O3 intend to sell their story at the Christmas fair and to other local special schools this autumn term. Make sure you check out our classes marvellous work at the fair!