Staff Code of Conduct

Foxfield School


Professional Code of Conduct

Foxfield has a happy and highly professional team of outstanding staff.  We are also striving to become an ‘Outstanding School’ under the terms of the latest OFSTED guidelines and so require all staff to work together in a positive and supportive manner. This means that the school Code of Conduct should be followed and maintained at all times. Failure to do so will have serious consequences and could lead to disciplinary procedures.

The 10 Point Code

1. Always be polite, courteous, welcoming, respectful and friendly to everyone you meet.

2. Respect the views of others and do not try to undermine your colleagues, verbally or in any other way.

3. Work as a team, maintain the highest levels of safety possible, share good practice and treat everyone with dignity.

4. Learn by your experiences whether good or bad and use these in a positive way to aid your professional development and that of others.

5. Every member of staff should act as a role model to colleagues and all other stakeholders exhibiting behaviour that sets a positive and professional example at all times.

6. Aspire to be motivational, inspirational, positive and supportive to parent’s pupils and all other visitors to the school.

7. Make sure you adhere to the Staff Dress Code and the Code of Conduct for staff.

8. Be constantly aware of the Professional Standards demanded of someone in your position and ensure that you meet these in all aspects of your work.

9. Always remember the key points of the school mission statement as this is at the heart of all we do.

10. Always demonstrate the highest possible standards in school and in the public domain. Your behaviour outside the workplace can be observed and judged by the public. Unprofessional behaviour and ‘loose talk and criticism of others’ in the community and especially ‘on line’
e.g. E-mails, Facebook, Twitter etc. can lead to serious consequences.


All staff are expected to comply with the school Dress Code